I’m Liam and I’m an alum of Dalhousie University. In 2016, I graduated with a degree in poli sci and philosophy, specializing in international relations and political theory.

The following year they awarded me a Master’s degree for writing a dissertation on moral psychology and its relationship with political ideology. I ended up releasing it as a book called The Moral Authority that I can confirm at least four people have actually read.

I also wrote an essay on the philosophy of social science, some of which can be found here, that ended up winning the Doris Boyle Prize for best essay in the field of international relations.

I now live in Toronto, ON where I self-identify as a bum who writes words for money/ table scraps.

My interests, somewhat ordered by specificity, are in literature (Irish, Russian, Southern Gothic), film/cinema (Soviet, 60s-80s Hollywood, surrealism), powerlifting, international politics, political philosophy, the philosophy of (social) science, diplomacy ft. nukes, the politics of the internet, social/evolutionary psych, morality and (I guess) ethics, mythology, Rome, & totalitarianism in the 20th c.

I also manage a small commercial writing and editing agency called Wordbroker and a nonprofit organization called the Stratas Foundation, which is dedicated to funding mental health research by young Canadian scholars.

This is a place for me to leave selected writings (drafts: perennially rough) and photographs (jpegs: compressed) and maybe even some vids (shitty).




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